Lookbook - Spring Summer 2015

Hand Beaded Kaftans
Dresses & Jumpsuits

look1 masai tribe print dress

Look # 1

Masai Tribal Dress

look1 masai tribe print dress embroidery back

Look # 1

Beaded Dress - Back

LOOK2 american indian feather tribal print dress

Look # 2

Red Indian Tunic Dress

LOOK3 african elephant trunk printp dress

Look # 3

Elephant Dress

LOOK4 tribal print ruffle dress

Look # 4

Tribal Ruffle Dress

LOOK5 tribal print pleated dress

Look # 5

Shawl Collar Dress

LOOK6A african american tribal print circular dress

Look # 6

Tribal Circular Dress

LOOK6 Elephant print bomber jacket with tribal print dress

Look # 6

Dress With Bomber Jacket

The Spring Summer 2015 Women’s Wear Collection is a vibrant and bold fashion line inspired by tribal prints from Africa and America and animal prints featuring elephants, cheetahs, tigers, and gorillas. The collection showcases various colors and patterns, incorporating intricate hand embroidery with glass beading for added texture and detail.

The collection is designed and crafted in Dubai, combining cultural influences and contemporary fashion. This collection includes short dresses, tunics, trousers, jumpsuits, long, flowy evening dresses, and kaftans, catering to various occasions and preferences. Using pure silks such as satin, crepe, and habutai adds a luxurious touch to the garments, enhancing their quality and elegance.

Overall, the Spring Summer 2015 Women’s Wear Collection stands out for its eye-catching tribal and animal prints, vibrant colors, and meticulous hand embroidery, creating a fashion statement that combines tradition with modernity.

editorial tribal print short evening dress
editorial masai tribal printed beaded evening dress
LOOK7 tribal print kimono dress

Look # 7

Tribal Kimono Dress

LOOK8 Africa america tribal print coat dress

Look # 8

Beaded Coat Dress

LOOK9A tribal print beaded at waist playsuit

Look # 9

Beaded Playsuit

LOOK9 hand beaded bolero with playsuit

Look # 9

Playsuit with Bolero

editorial animal printed jumpsuit
LOOK10A gorilla top and animal print trousers

Look # 10

Gorilla Shirt & Shorts

LOOK10 tribal print bomber jacket with shorts

Look # 10

Tribal Jacket & Shorts

LOOK10BACK animal tribal print bomber jacket with shorts

Look # 10

Jacket & Shorts - Back

LOOK12 tribal print beaded tank top with long skirt

Look # 11

Beaded Vest & Skirt

LOOK11 elephant print beaded shirt and skirt

Look # 12

Beaded Tunic & Skirt

LOOK11BACK elephant print shirt and skirt

Look # 12

Tunic & Skirt - Back

LOOK13 Gorilla print tanktop with tribal print beaded waist trousers

Look # 13

Gorilla Shirt & Tribal Pants

LOOK14 beaded biker jacket with trousers

Look # 14

Beaded Biker Jacket & Pants

In the featured collection, glass beading is a transformative embellishment technique. The intricate hand embroidery with glass beads enhances the aesthetic appeal of the garments and serves as the foundation for the collection’s color palette and print palette.

Glass Beading Technique:

The artisans have employed a meticulous approach to hand embroidery using glass beads. This craftsmanship is evident in two primary applications: entire dresses or boleros are wholly embroidered with glass beads, creating a luxurious texture that catches the light beautifully. Additionally, the beads are strategically placed at necklines and waistlines, functioning as elegant embellishments that add a touch of sophistication to the garments.

Innovative 3D Embroidery:

What sets this collection apart is the innovative use of 3D embroidery techniques. The glass beads are arranged to interpret the collection’s print patterns and designs, resembling pixels of graphics. This 3D effect adds depth and intricacy to the Embroidery, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the eye and adds a dynamic element to the overall design.

Color and Print Palette:

The collection’s vibrant and diverse color palette is derived directly from the glass beadwork. The glass beads’ reflective quality amplifies the colors’ richness, ranging from earthy tones inspired by tribal aesthetics to bold hues in the wild. These colors blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious and visually stimulating palette reflecting nature and culture’s essence.

Wild and Tribal Inspiration:

The collection draws inspiration from the wild and tribal themes, incorporating unique prints that testify to the rich cultural tapestry of the rugged landscapes and tribal traditions. These prints are meticulously translated into glass bead embroidery, resulting in garments that showcase the brands’ creativity and pay homage to the beauty of wildlife and indigenous artistry.

In summary, the glass beading in this collection represents a fusion of art and fashion, transforming each piece into a wearable work of art. Through innovative 3D embroidery techniques, the collection’s color palette and print palette come to life, showcasing a harmonious blend of luxury, creativity, and cultural inspiration.

editorial beaded dress bolero and tribal print trousers
editorial Bolero hand embroidered with glass beads
LOOK15 Beaded ruffle top american tribal print trousers

Look # 15

Ruffled Blouse & Tribal Pants

LOOK16 tribal print blouse and trousers

Look # 16

Tribal Tunic & Pants

LOOK17 tribal print collar kimono kaftan with trousers

Look # 17

Tribal Kaftan & Pants

LOOK18 tibal print jumpsuit

Look # 18

Tribal JUmpsuit

LOOK19 tribal print beaded waist jumpsuit

Look # 19

Tribal Wrap Jumpsuit

LOOK20 tiger print jumpsuit

Look # 20

Tiger Jumpsuit

LOOK21 tribal print cowl neck bias cut long dress

Look # 21

Cowl Neck Tribal Dress

LOOK22 tribal print beaded pleated at waist sleeveless long dress

Look # 22

Pleated Tribal Dress

The Luxury Resort and Evening Wear collection blends artistry, inspiration, and sophistication, creating a captivating fusion of luxury resort wear and evening elegance. Drawing inspiration from wild and tribal motifs, the collection showcases the meticulous artistry of glass beading, transforming each garment into a wearable masterpiece.

Resort Wear:

For the resort wear segment, the collection features long silk flowy dresses adorned with exquisite embroideries at necklines, exuding an air of effortless luxury. Jumpsuits, designed with impeccable craftsmanship, cater to the jet-setting holiday crowd, offering style and comfort. These resort pieces epitomize grace and elegance, making them ideal choices for leisurely days and glamorous evenings.

Evening Wear:

In evening wear, the collection presents long dresses with bead embroideries on the waistline. These dresses blend flowy silhouettes with a tailored fit, enhancing the wearer’s natural grace and charm. Additionally, the collection offers silk kaftans crafted in Moroccan and kimono styles. These kaftans make a modest yet powerful statement for evening affairs, embodying a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary fashion.

Modest Glamour and Statement Pieces:

The collection’s evening wear pieces, with their bead embroideries and flowing designs, exude glamour, making them perfect for sophisticated nights out. The incorporation of silk kaftans adds a touch of modesty while making a bold fashion statement, appealing to individuals who appreciate both subtlety and style.

In essence, this Luxury Resort and Evening Wear collection showcases the artistry of glass beading and celebrates the wild and tribal influences, creating a harmonious blend of opulence, cultural inspiration, and contemporary fashion sensibilities. Each garment in the collection tells a story of elegance, making it a testament to the designer’s creativity and the wearer’s discerning taste.

editorial hand beaded leather jacket with long tribal print skirt
editorial tribal print short dress
LOOK23 Tiger and tribal print bustier bias cut dress

Look # 23

Beaded Tiger Tribal Dress

LOOK24 beaded neck resort wear dress

Look # 24

Beaded Kaftan Dress

LOOK28A Masai print pleated dress

Look # 25

Masai Pleated Dress

LOOK28 beaded jacket with dress

Look # 25

Pleated Dress with Jacket

LOOK29 tribal print cowl neck full sleeve dress

Look # 26

Tribal Sleeve Kaftan

LOOK30 tribal animal print dress

Look # 27

Indian Gathered Kaftan

LOOK31 beaded waist band pleated kimono dress

Look # 28
Beaded Kimono Kaftan

LOOK32 glass beaded waist tribal print kaftan

Look # 29

Beaded Classic Kimono

editorial tribal print beaded waist kaftan