Animal Prints & Tribal Prints of Africa and America

Animal Prints, Tribal motifs from Africa and America were printed on Pure Silks with glass beading Hand embroidery on the Short and Long dresses, Jumpsuits, and Kaftan Dresses.


Welcome to the vibrant fashion world where cultures interweave as we revisit the fascinating Spring/Summer 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week.

Launching on a journey that celebrates the rich heritage of Africa and America, this collection invites you to explore the captivating allure of animal prints and tribal motifs.

With a melodic fusion of style and tradition, each Look tells a unique story, showcasing the beauty of nature and the diversity of artistic expressions.

An Ode to Africa’s Animal Prints

As the lights dimmed and the runway appeared, the collection revealed a breathtaking display of animal prints inspired by Africa’s exquisite wildlife.

Pure silks fitted as the canvas for this graphic symphony, embellished with intricate glass beading hand embroidery.

The vibrant colors and bold patterns brought to life the essence of gorillas, tigers, elephants, and cheetahs, capturing their untamed spirit in each piece.

From short and long dresses to jumpsuits and kaftan dresses, the animal prints embraced the model, exuding confidence and wild elegance.

Tribal Prints from America

In the next chapter of the collection, the runway transformed into a showcase of tribal motifs from America.

These intricate patterns, meticulously printed on pure silks, narrated stories of ancient traditions and cultural heritage.

Each design paid homage to the rich tapestry of American tribes, capturing the essence of their artistry and symbolism.

From geometric shapes to symbolic motifs, these prints adorned the garments, adding an aura of mystique and intrigue.

The fusion of African and American influences created a harmonious blend, representing the interconnectedness of diverse cultures.

The animal prints and tribal motifs formed a vibrant tapestry that showcased the beauty of nature, celebrated artistic expressions, and embraced the wearer’s individuality.

This remarkable collection was meticulously crafted in Dubai, UAE, by skilled artisans who meticulously brought each design to life.

The attention to detail and the use of high-quality fabrics exemplify the dedication to creating garments that exude sophistication and elegance.

The runway show appeared at the prestigious Art Heart’s Fashion, held at the iconic Lincoln Center as part of the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. This renowned venue provided the perfect backdrop, allowing the collection to shine and captivate the audience with its distinctive fusion of culture and fashion.


Spring/Summer 2015 at New York Fashion Week witnessed a truly extraordinary showcase, where the animal and tribal prints of Africa and America took center stage.

The collection seamlessly merged nature’s untamed beauty with cultural heritage, resulting in a tapestry of elegance, sophistication, and individuality.

From the vibrant animal prints to the intricate tribal motifs, each garment told a story, inviting the wearer to embrace their unique identity and celebrate the interconnectedness of diverse cultures.

SS15 masai tribe print hand bead short dress
SS15 whole short dress hand glass bead
SS15 glass beaded bolero and silk playsuit
SS15 african print bomber jacket and tribal print short dress
SS15 african print bomber jacket
SS15 hand bead leather top and silk long skirt
SS15 glass hand bead long silk kaftan dress
SS15 glass hand bead kaftan dress
SS15 silk african tribal and animal print gypsy dress
SS15 Draped tribal neck line and tiger print silk jumpsuit
SS15 draped tribal silk print neckline
SS15 african print hand bead jumpsuit
SS15 hand bead bustier long tribal print silk dress
SS15 hand bead bustier long silk dress
SS15 gorilla silk print top and hand beaded trouser
SS15 button down tribal print silk kaftan shirt and trousers
SS15 button down tribal print silk kaftan shirt
New york fashion week finale runway lineup
A beaded leather tank top in the fittings of new york fashion week
Hair and Make up details in the backstage of New york Fashion week
Hair and Make up details in New york Fashion week