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Sustainable fashion: African digital prints

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2015


Established in 2009 in Dubai. 

Shrekahnth is a sustainable fashion clothing and accessories brand.

The clothing brand develops sustainable Fashion on Blockchain & Metaverse. 

We are working towards finding solutions for the Textile & Clothing waste. Of the fashion industry in Ghana and West Africa. 


What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is to build a circular fashion that can bring self-sufficiency through Ethics leading to a carbon-neutral brand. For circular Fashion, we upcycle and Recycle the Waste collected with ecological integrity.

We build a supply chain to collect textile & clothing waste. Used Clothes from various fashion brands causing environmental damage in Ghana. 

We recycle, reuse, and redesign the Waste to develop collections as physical assets. Further, We produce them as design variants in sustainable practices.


  • Recycle – Textiles and Clothing into Fiber.
  • Reuse – Deconstruct the garment for upcycling Fashion.
  • Redesign – Construct the panels into a new design and collection.


We also Collaborate with indigenous artisans from India and West Africa. 

  • Cotton farmers’ for organic cotton production.
  • Textile artisans, like weavers, produce Handwoven textiles.
  • Fabric Dyes for eco-friendly dyeing techniques on the materials. 
Sustainable Fashion on Blockchain

The brand’s philosophy is to build neomodern collections through arts and prints. We produce them as limited editions through upcycle fashion as physical assets.

Each supply chain stage of the product records on the Blockchain.
The distributed ledger technology provides transparency for each stage of the supply chain.

Fiber, textiles, and product production stages are transparent, providing Ethical and Quality compliances.

Quality compliance verifies the quality of the fabric developed and its Environmental Impact and carbon footprint. And the recycled materials or upcycled fashion components on the Blockchain.

Social compliance affirms the Living wage and better working conditions. 

The records on the Blockchain provide transparency and traceability to the consumer. It also gives the authenticity of the sustainability solution.

Since the brand’s first collection, every style has been digital engineering patterns. The brand’s philosophy is to build the digital world of lifestyle products without negatively impacting the environment. 

Sustainble Fashion collection showed in Dubai Fashion Week

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