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Sustainable Fashion
Brand on Blockchain
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Established in 2009 in Dubai. Shrekahnth is a sustainable fashion brand for clothing and accessories.

The clothing brand practice sustainability by developing upcycled collections and Recycling Clothes and Textiles. Recycling of clothes and Textiles produce fibers and textiles for new collections.

We are working towards finding solutions for the Textile & Clothing waste. Of the fast fashion industry in Ghana and West Africa.

We collect Clothing waste before it goes to Ghana clothing landfill as a part of the sustainable practice. We use clothing waste further to upcycle and recycle.

Clothing & Textile Waste Upcycling into New Styles.

Clothing & Textile Waste Recycle, are blend with Natural Fibers into New Textiles.

Sustainable Fashion collections with transparency of supply-chain and traceability on the blockchain.

Sustainable Fashion on Blockchain

Each stage of the supply chain is Geo-tagged. The Blockchain stores the data of the supply chain. Which brings Transparency about supply chain origins to the consumer.

We Design and Produce sustainable products—style variants and 3D art digital assets for the Metaverse.

The supply chain data is on the blockchain to build a circular Fashion through Transparency and Traceability.