Sustainable Fashion
Brand on Blockchain
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Founded in 2009 in Dubai, Shrekahnth is a slow-fashion clothing and accessories brand.; The brand develops sustainable clothing and accessories.

We are working towards bringing value to the Textile & Clothing waste in Ghana and West Africa. We collect Clothing and textile waste as a part of the sustainable practice.

We use the waste further to upcycle and recycle in a slow fashion. We recycle, reuse, and redesign through upcycling to create collections from clothing waste.

Recycling of clothes and Textiles produces fibers and textiles for new collections. The post-consumer clothing waste sourced from Ghana is either recycled into fibers or upcycled by deconstructing the garment into panels, giving them an eco-friendly new look.

Every stage of this supply chain is sustainable and carefully audited to build a circular fashion. We also collaborate with artisans to produce limited editions with hand-woven textiles or eco-friendly dyeing techniques on the materials.

This collection development course aims to diversify craftsmanship and bring eco-conscious fashion products to consumers.

Clothing & Textile Waste Upcycling into New Styles.

Clothing & Textile Waste Recycle, are blend with Natural Fibers into New Textiles.

Sustainable Fashion collections with transparency of supply-chain and traceability on the blockchain.

Sustainable Fashion on Blockchain

The brand’s philosophy in building neomodern collections through arts and prints is produced through limited edition sustainable products. Each stage of the supply chain is Geo-tagged. The blockchain stores the data of the supply chain.

The supply chain phases of each product are recorded on the blockchain to build a circular fashion bringing transparency and traceability to the consumer through the authenticity of sustainability.

Quality compliance verifies the quality of the fabric created, i.e., environmental sustainability and recycled or upcycled components. Social compliance affirms the fair wage practice.

Since the brand’s first collection, every style was developed by digital engineering the patterns as per designs, prints, and art.

We Design and Produce sustainable products — style variants and 3D art digital assets for the Metaverse. All the best-seller prints from the beginning of 2009 have been archived as NFT art.

We will continue evolving with new collections to build the digital world of lifestyle products on the blockchain with a circular fashion of transparency and traceability for the consumers.